Saturday, August 27, 2005

Two Arrested in U.S. Computer Worm Probe

Good news from the Chicago Tribune: Two Arrested in U.S. Computer Worm Probe.

I know I'll rest easier knowing that Microsoft was on this case, and that the 2 guys who have been arrested will be tried in their home countries... Morocco and Turkey. They're really tough on cyberterrorism, aren't they?

Somebody will probably tell me that I'm over the top, applying the term "terrorism" here, but what other possible motive, besides warfare and opening the gates to allow in more enemies, could one have for targeting (along with Caterpillar, Inc. & members of the media elite) the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau?

Of course, they could have been trying merely to attack Caterpillar, and the rest of these agencies were in the way... But then, who would want to do anything to CAT?

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