Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Question on Not Quite Everybody's Lips

Being insane alone isn't ever enough. You have to share it with the world.

Several of my friends have asked me why I blog (after they've asked me what the aytch a "blog thingy" is). I admit, this particular blog is mostly process, rather than product, as thought is applied. I use this site to put together or pull apart that which I am considering using for my weekly column in the Review Atlas (which the editors print, at no cost to me). I also use it simply to think.

So far, since I'm obviously not one of the deepest thinkers, nor am I at the epicenter of political upheaval, I don't get a lot of action in my comments. It doesn't worry me greatly. I'd like it if folks put in their $.02, and not just for the satisfaction of knowing that somebody deems my writing worthy of making the effort to provide commentary. Sometimes, like most people, I have a completely idiotic notion, and when nobody offers comments, it becomes that much harder to disabuse me of said notion.

Nevertheless, when I post a seemingly pointless article, or if I make some peculiar, non-sequitur statement, it's simply another can of blog food opened to feed the beast that devours my days.

Which brings me to this witty must-read column by Joel Achenbach at the WaPo, which La Shawn Barber linked in all brilliance. Achenbach knows how to treat this beast.

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