Monday, August 08, 2005

Not so wild about Harry

From CQ, Harry Belafonte is making silly statements again, comparing the conservatives in America to nazis... you know, the usual claptrap.

He labels the Blacks who have high-ranking positions in the Bush Admin as collaborators against the Single-Unit-Black-Bloc cause: "Hitler had a lot of Jews high up in the hierarchy of the Third Reich."

History notwithstanding (can he or anybody name a single Jew 'high up" in Hitler's government?), it's still a silly thing to say about successful persons who disagree with your view of how things should work.

Oh, yah, ya betcha. I'm a race traitor because I don't hate my grandparents for mixing bloodlines, hunh? Red & white makes dirty pink, I guess. And I should despise my sisters because they're too... um... politically... something I'm not (the darned pinkos!)? We see things differently. Simple as that. No anger. No "they're collabrating with the damned anti-American Left-wing loonies!" Why is it so hard for some people to agree to disagree peacefully?

Belafonte said, "Color does not necessarily denote quality, content or value." Gosh, he was accurate, at least this once! Can he see past that color, to grasp that the important thing about a person is NOT how he treats others of his race, but how he works with his fellow human beings? Sniping at others who have been succesful isn't exactly a productive activity -especially when they've actually helped more people, over the long haul, than Belafonte could ever dream of helping.

But then, maybe Greg Gutfield is onto something. Is Harry under cover?

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