Saturday, August 27, 2005

Looking for a job? Gas station drive-offs re-create one

From WQAD's website: "The owner of a Quad City chain of convenience stores and gas stations plans to put a gas attendant back at the pumps to try and prevent gas drive-offs."

Cool. We'll go back to having somebody pump gas for you & clean your windows. It's a pity he won't check under your hood, though. I have fond memories of, when I was in my early teens, a really cute guy in coveralls, with a grease smudge across his jawline, leaning around the hood of the folks' Duster to say "you could use a quart of oil", and smiling like a supernova at me. I've had a thing for men with dirty hands, ever since.

I'm not sure if this guy's going to come out ahead in this one, though. He estimates he's losing about $300 per store per month. Even if he hires part-timers and offers no bennies, he's still going to have to fork out about that much per week... maybe more. What was IL's minimum wage at? Ummm.

Still, maybe it will improve his customer relations enough to draw in new business. It's certainly nicer than the big-city-standard pre-pay system. Friendly folks and open doors are why I was happy to come back to this region.

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