Thursday, August 04, 2005

Is this the Europe we want to emulate?

From The Sun Online:
"THE EU has declared a crackpot war on busty barmaids — by trying to ban them from wearing low-cut tops."

From the bottom of my 46DDs, I resent this sort of thing! Messing with the customers' lascivious glances is messing with the tips a goil earns. If they try something like this over on this side of the Pond, by jingo, they'll see at least one pair of bazookas aimed their way!

Have these lawmakers never heard of sunscreen?

Update: Since I first posted this, the link has expired and gone to the Sun's archives, so getting that link back is a little like trying to retrieve a soul from Purgatory. However, I think you can still get the same news, if only from a continental European perspective (lacking the Brit tongue-lashing for the idiots who came up with the plan), via Davids Medienkritik,

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