Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Gonna be away for the day

Ex sailorette asked if I'd drive with her tomorrow to Iowa City. She's heading in for further tests on her knees & back (in anticipation of surgery), & requests amusement, so I won't be doing any serious blogging for Thursday. We're going to be on the road before the sun comes up (or, rather, before I'm usually aware of sunlight), so that she can make her early-morn appointment. I don't know how long the tests will take, so I'm operating under the assumption that I won't see the 'puter before Friday a.m. If I get back earlier, I'll be on board right away. Of course, if we meet a couple of nice, excessively friendly guys (preferably doctors who are used to crazy women), I may be away a little longer... ;-)

Nevertheless, I'm keeping my post re: relief for survivors of Katrina at the top of the page while I'm gone, and I ask anybody & everybody to join the chorus. Let us link, and link some more!

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