Sunday, August 14, 2005

Gawking at water from sky

I'm told that domestic turkeys are so brainless that they can drown from being caught in a rainstorm, just because they will stand there with their mouths open upwards.

For the past few days, I've been at risk of the same fate. We've actually received our second substantial rainfall this summer, accumulating just over 2 inches in 3 days. Certainly, my wardrobe is a bit on the damp-ish side, these days, and I've had to close a window or two upstairs. I may even have to mow my lawn for a second time since May.

Maybe it's the drop in temperature and the 100% humidity which has caused the problems in Mom's computer. I'll put that theory to her next time she's not carrying something sharp (which may be a while. She does a lot of counted cross-stitch, and carries her gear -- including her scissors -- pretty much everywhere except the kitchen... where there are knives).

Anyway, between the behavioral problems the rain triggers in me and the ongoing battle with the tech equipment, my blogginess has been sloppy, and I apologize to anybody who deluded himself into consistently expecting better. I will try harder to maintain a decent site.

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