Monday, August 08, 2005

ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies at 67

I was up late last night, so I heard the news over the tv, in a "Special Report" from ABC, rather than from this (or any other) internet report, but I do know that the world of journalism/advocacy has lost a powerful voice, first from Peter Jennings' retirement for cancer treatments, then from his subsequent death.

Every description from those who worked alongside Jennings had him drawn as a man who could not get enough information -- he was an info junkie. Being a bit like that, myself (although I'm limited due to my geographical location and my refusal to change that), I feel a sense of loss I had not anticipated. Any person whose thirst for information is so great does not have an easy time in life. I wish he had allowed the rest of us to feel a little more of his enthusiasm for harvesting data, and had left some of that personal opinion out of his reports, and I wish he could have lived long enough to undo some of the damage that his profession has suffered. Nevertheless, for all his purported ego, I think I might have liked him. Certainly, I would have enjoyed arguing with him, until he whupped my hiney.

When Peter Jennings became an American, I felt a considerable respect for him. This country gained by his admission to the national brotherhood. We have lost a truly memorable family member.

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