Friday, July 15, 2005

St Louis deejays teach how to harm cops

"Shock radio" should be a thing of the past, especially if it keeps producing garbage like these jackass disc jockeys did:
Wednesday morning, KATZ personalities "DJ Kaos" and "DJ Silli Asz" gave their audience tips on how to disarm and injure police officers. One bit of advice told people to fight for the officer's radio so he can't call for help.

I realize that not every law officer is truly an officer of the law, but the vast majority of those men and women who wear the blue are there to protect the law-abiding citizenry against the lawless. For these two to instruct young listeners in the best way to disarm and harm our protectors makes them a threat to the community, as well. It may not be yelling "fire" in a crowded theater, but it is endangering the public. Two days' suspension and a couple of ride-alongs aren't punishment enough for this.

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