Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sen. Evans in panic?

Gee, I get the feeling that Lane Evans suddenly realized he's in real trouble, since it's usually a desperate sign when a doughy white guy has to play the race card to defend unethical actions on his behalf. His campaign has had to pay the FEC $180,000 in fines for their questionable funding practices for his last 2 elections, and he is blaming the Republicans for it. From an AP Release via the Belleville News Democrat:The FEC said Evans created the Victory Fund in 1998 and helped it raise $500,000 through the 2000 election cycle. More than $200,000 of that came from unions, which is prohibited under federal election law. The Victory Fund spent at least $330,000 to help Evans' campaign, the FEC said.

Evans response?
He compared the efforts to people risking their lives to register black voters during the Civil Rights movement.

Oh-kay. So siphoning funds in a manner inconsistent with the finance reform bill you helped pass is like risking your life in Mississippi in the 1950s.

Evans suggested the Rock Island County Republican Party filed the complaint in 2000 to harass him and that the FEC pursued the case because it is 'more and more a Republican-leaning organization.'

Ah. It's also part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, and not just that you got caught doing something wrong.

'I think it's part of a problem happening with minorities, for example, being intimidated from going out to work for candidates, Mexican-Americans who are citizens being harassed and turned away from the voting booth,' said Evans.

Is there a record of this happening in your district, Senator? When were the investigations made, charges filed? Please, tell us where we can find evidence? I didn't hear of anything like this down in Warren County, & we have a pretty good-sized international population, here, now.

'There's something wrong with America when you have institutions that are so clearly out of touch with the people.'

When all else fails, Blame America. Nice one, Senator. How long can you tread water?

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