Saturday, July 02, 2005

Missing girl from Idaho safe

FOX News reports that the police have recovered Shasta Groene from her kidnapper.

"Shasta Groene, whose mother, oldest brother and mother's boyfriend were bludgeoned to death at their home outside this mountain town six weeks ago, was discovered alive early Saturday morning by a waitress at a local Denny's restaurant."

Their tv report indicated that the kidnapper, Joseph Edward Duncan III, has long history of convictions for sexual assault and other violent predatory sexual behavior. He was in violation of his probation. Why was this man freed?

He has a website advocating that sexual assailants not be prosecuted and imprisoned. On this, I believe we are in agreement. He is living proof that people can eventually get out of prison.

Of course, occasionally somebody innocent is convicted, so we shouldn't be hasty. First offense may be a fluke. Second time, maybe a frame. Third time, you're Saint Peter's problem.

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