Friday, July 08, 2005

Local newspaper eschews News

The Daily Review Atlas, whose editors have continued to kindly provide me with a weekly print forum (at no cost to me), seems to have little interest in printing actual news. Instead, they put -- on the front page, no less -- an article about a tree branch falling on an empty playground, a promotion for an upcoming fundraiser, and another promotion, this time for a local food fair.

To be just, they did publish, on 7 July, the news of the July 5 murder of a New Boston woman.

But so far, there is no word of the passing of national figure and hometown boy, Admiral James Stockdale. I guess the editors think the locals already know about this, via psychic burst or the fact that every other newspaper in the region has published the news. But the city of Abingdon and good old Monmouth College have lost a significant piece of their past, and they deserve a little more respect from this community publication.

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