Tuesday, July 12, 2005

G-Rod's spending again

Quel surprise! According to the Sun-Times, our illustrious governor, Rod Blagojevich, has found a way around the ban on Federal funding to embryonic stem cell research: State funding! What an innovative approach! Why couldn't somebody have thought of this sooner? Instead of depending upon the jackasses in D.C. (not just the ones whose party uses the animal as a symbol, either), he's putting the responsibility just a shade closer to home.

So much for that leftist horse-hockey about the Prez "banning stem cell research".

Of course, this is another expense included in the convoluted budget the state legislature passed last month... you know -- the one that has no end...

Wouldn't it be more practical to encourage private investment in the project, and apply the money to, say, tax relief, so we can encourage more businesses to move back to IL, so they could pay more into projects like this on their own, and build more businesses to work them and thereby put more tax dollars into play, and attract more businesses... and so on ad infinitum-ish?

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