Tuesday, July 12, 2005

FEC and the Blogger exemption

Captain Ed has a few thoughts regarding the FEC and the McCain-Feingold Act. The panel is trying to decide if bloggers should get the same exemptions from "in kind" donation limits that the rest of the "professional" news media do, or if there should be a cap on what and how and how often we say things about candidates.

Personally, if they don't give an exemption, I'll still be offering my 2¢. As anybody who knows me can verify, it's virtually impossible to shut me up. And the Constitution still allows me to blather on, regardless of what those pinheads in Congress do to undermine said document. If there comes a time that I'm fined for my opinions on the blog, by damn, I'll sell my house and contents, further bankrupting myself campaigning to remove those [expletive deleted]s from office.

Dieu et Mon Droit isn't just for kings.

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