Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Businessman seeks to silence passing trains

According to this from the local NBC affiliate, a Coralville, IA hotel owner wants to have the trains stop warning traffic that they're approaching a nearby crossing. I'd really like to see how well-guarded this particular road/rail intersection is before I spout off too much, but I'm going to light in on this businessman, anyway.

1. The tootling of horns (to borrow from an old translation I once saw a photo of, from an Asian ferry) by the train is for the safety of not only the automobiles approaching the busy tracks, but for pedestrians who might be crossing the tracks, as well. It therefore helps maintain the mental health of the engineer and local emergency crews.

2. Some of us have a hard time sleeping at night without the sound of those rumbles and toots.

3. What's next? Putting booties on the wheels so they don't clackety-clack as they roll past?

4. The hotel owner says he "hasn't had any complaints from guests"... so WTF is his problem? Is he annoyed by the sound, himself? If so, why doesn't he sell the place and find a business a little farther from the tracks?

But, heck, if Durbin can try to silence his opponents,(below) why can't a guy in Iowa try to silence the passing choo-choos? They're equally American attitudes, it seems.

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