Saturday, June 04, 2005

Wachovia apologizes to black Americans

Michelle Malkin links to an article, Wachovia apologizes to black Americans, and brings up her past column, Get out your reparations calculator.

This issue always boggles my mind. When they start talking about reparations, as a "typical American", I want to know, does my mom, whose entire family arrived in this country decades after the Civil War (Yeah. We can track it precisely) have to bear any of the burden of reparations for earlier "crimes"? If so, shouldn't she then be given reparations as an innocent who lost her property due to somebody else's malice? And, if not, how does she file paperwork to exempt her from liability, especially if her bank and/or her government takes from her pension, her tax dollars to pay people (who weren't here, either,when the "crimes" took place, due to the nature of time and that rule of "threescore and ten")? And, with a view to my dad's lineage, am I going to have to pay myself for everything my white ancestors took from my red ancestors? How much should I give back to myself for the loss of land and the death of my (Iowa) Injun culture? How many coup can I count on my own head?

As to reparations, I have this to say: Some things from the past are long enough gone that they simply need to be let go. As long as you hold onto resentments, you will never be free.

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