Wednesday, June 29, 2005

State legislators to sup with the locals

Wooo hoo! Our state senator and state representative will be coming back home for a meal on July 11th, according to our localReview Atlas . It seems the good farmers are feting Senator John Sullivan (D) and Representative Rich Myers (R), and the public is invited to join them, for the small cost of the food.

Personally, I'd like to be able to afford to go to this thing (it's out in the boonies, near Raritan, and I spent all my money on Margaritas, last night, she said while rearranging the ice pack on her head) (heh. kidding. my limit remains 2) (but I digress).

I'd like to face these men and ask them what the HELL went on down in Springfield when they were passing that incomprehensible, pork-laden budget? Where was our ostensibly fiscally conservative Myers? The vote count indicates he was probably at home in bed. And, does Sullivan -- who, it seems, was present at the vote -- really believe that finding more excuses to tax us to death is a good way to improve our economy? Sure, the farmers got the same subsidy programs they've been getting since the days of FDR, but most of our farmers aren't handling 40 acres and a house, any more. They're sitting on multi-million-dollar industrial farm complexes, including those charming hog lots that the (this time, surprisingly accurate) eco-wackos and animal activists have been going on about. Their gigantic food factories don't need extra taxpayer support. Lots of these guys are getting pork for their pork, but the remaining smaller farmers still get nuthin but the bone. Likewise the people who used to work at the local factories in Galesburg, Knoxville, and Abingdon, whose jobs have flown south of the border.

And Sullivan and Myers are getting a "thank you dinner"?!
Tanks fer nuttin.

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