Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Rep. Lane Evans' committee to pay FEC fine

According to this from the AP: "Representative Lane Evans' campaign committee has agreed to pay 185-thousand dollars to settle accusations that it illegally used another committee to help fund campaigns. Illinois' Rock Island Democratic Central Committee will also pay 30-thousand dollars in civil penalties."

I'm not altogether happy about this. Although I don't much care for the job Evans has been doing to -- er-- for us out here in the dingles, getting at him through his shady finances? WTF? This feels less like a strike against a latter-day Al Capone via the IRS, and more like one more excuse for the McCain-Feingold abomination.

Couldn't the Republicans in this district have used, maybe, his actual ├╝ber-liberal voting record to cut him down? Is this state -- like every other one -- so gerrymandered that the only way to dethrone a prince is by bringing up his bank account, and making it a criminal record? Or is it simply that the Republicans in this district all are as politically inept as Andrea Zinga? Jeez.

Update: I'll be writing a little more about this, and my views of the BCRA, in my column next week.

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