Tuesday, June 14, 2005

President Bush may be a Republican!

According to this Washington Times report, President Bush is in the process of regaining his position as a Republican. He's creating two commissions designed to identify and cut fat in the federal government.

I gather that the "Sunset Commission" will be looking at programs which have outlived their usefulness, while the "Results Commission" will be seeing whether or not agencies and offices are living up to their promises.

I hope the safety administrations like the NTSB, NHTSA, the FRA, and such will come out largely unscathed (largely for personal reasons. It's tough when close family & friends are employed by the taxpayers). But I'm thinking that there is probably a lot of fat atop most government bodies, even those.

The question stands, though: will these commissions actually lead to any real cuts in spending, or is this all for show? Is Bush really a small-government kind of Republican, or is he attempting prestidigitation in the hope it will help get more seats for the party, next election?

I'm really hoping he means it.

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