Friday, June 24, 2005

Is this going to make the left foam at the mouth again?

Captain's Quarters has posted this article indicating that there are now reports of actual isolated incidents of torture at Gitmo.

Like Captain Ed, I will accept that some of our troops are human, and they may indeed have committed crimes, and I expect the left to accept that, when crimes occur under the watch of the Marines (or any other branch of the US Military), the perpetrators are tried, convicted, and punished.

No matter how wrong an individual may be in his conduct, by and large, our military is an agency of honor and decency, and, over the past few years, has recovered its sense of self-respect enough to continue to live by a code that most of us would have a hard time comprehending, let alone abiding by it. When a handful of members fall, it is not the failure of the entire system, unless nothing is done to correct it. This is not happening in Gitmo, it did not happen in Abu Ghraib. In both cases, in both places, the investigation has gone on, the ones who have done wrong are being prosecuted.

So, before any more of those folks on the left start again dredging up that old, moth-eaten Vietnam-era tarradiddle about "baby-killers", I ask them to look again at the facts, and look even deeper into their own agenda.

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