Friday, May 06, 2005

A telling t-shirt on the market

The people who brought you tolerance, peace, love, and understanding have now started marketing this shirt and other related items.


Tannish said...

Oh, come now! Is this any worse than the UCLA shirt with a hammer-and-sickle replacing the "C". Besides, how do you know for sure what kind of people are marketing these? It could very well be the same kind of people who badmouth Fidel Castro on their websites right next to advertisements selling real Cuban cigars. My point, businesses will sell anything to anybody irregardless of ideology. It's likely that the UCLA shirt and the F*** a Repub shirt is made by the same people.

leucanthemum b said...

I'm not opposed to a business making money. This is no different from gun manufacturers' ethics. It would seem there is a market for these shirts, or nobody would be manufacturing them. THAT'S what's telling about this site.

And, there is a BIG difference between the hammer-and-sickle commentary and a shirt which says not "F*ck a Rpublican" but "KILL a Republican". Mind if we change that to read, "Kill a Christian", "Kill a Jew", "Kill a Lesbian", "Kill a Buddhist", or some other like sentiment ?

I guess hate isn't hate when it's directed at somebody you don't like.