Monday, May 16, 2005

Happy Birthday, Gumby!

The little green guy turned 50 this week. In celebration, you can visit his homepage, or read about The Shape of Gumby's Head and Body.

And, especially for my pal Torrey, I wanted to point out this passage from the latter page:
"Regarding color, Gumby looks kind of like a leaf of grass: "I am sure Walt Whitman would have been pleased," Art [Clokey] chuckled. He chose the color green because it was allied to nature, and reflected a love of the environment. It was not until years later that Art learned that the color of the heart Chakra is green. It makes sense to us."

Some folks have a little more Gumby in them than others...

T -- also, re: Walt Whitman. enjoy!


Tannish said...

Green's my favorite color. I like the environment. But the big heart? My doctor worries about it.

Does that mean I'm a Gumby?

leucanthemum b said...

If Eddie Murphy can be a Gumby Dammit, so can you.

I'd like to think I'm either a Denali or a Goo (or maybe a Groobee), but I'm probably just another Blockhead, myself.