Tuesday, May 31, 2005

As if to confirm my initial concerns...

Little Green Footballs has posted a link to this article from Malaysia. Besides their government's plans to tear down a series of buildings which cause nobody any harm (and, indeed, are pleasant and cheery), "... Ayah Pin was jailed 11 months and fined RM2,900 in June 2001 for humiliating Islamic teachings."

...And the Christians are complaining about their loss of freedom of religion in America! (not that they're entirely wrong... the ACLU and the rest of the far left are doing their utmost to shut the Christians down)

Aside: How, exactly, does one "humiliat[e] Islamic teachings", anyway? I can see how one might humiliate a Muslim, or humiliate a government official (or how a government official might humiliate himself), but do teachings have feelings?

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