Wednesday, May 04, 2005

60 years later -- reason to worry?

Davids Medienkritik had a link to Transatlantic Intelligencer today. Both bloggers are concerned by the anti-American, and underlying anti-Semitic, tone they're sensing in Germany these days.

I have to say, if what they're showing is the common attitude among blue collar workers, there, I'm grateful my great granddad left there at the beginning of the last century.

It would be a fiction, though, to say this country's workers were morally superior, but we have our fair share of blind, knee-jerk protectionists... many of them are racist scum. After all, Illinois has its own varieties of genuine neo-nazis. Even though they've been cleared of the Lefkow murders, they are our neighbors, and they ain't choirboys.

Nevertheless, I wish I could say, with no doubt in my heart, that David at Medienkritik and John at TI were worrying over nothing. But I don't think it can be dismissed so easily.

What say you?

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