Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday tummy #5

Some years ago, I started having lower back pains just like those my father has always had. The doctor gave me a piece of paper with some exercises for stretching the little mousies back there, to keep them in line. The ones I had the most trouble with were the cross-body stretches. Kokopelli knows these exercises, too, and practices them with vigor and ease -- the little booger!

Kokopelli says "Hi!"

Nobody likes a smarty-pants, Kokopelli!

Well, maybe some of us do... a little. Okay, maybe more than a little. Maybe a whole lot. Showoff!.

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Marilynn said...

Kokopelli is REALLY a beauty -- ooops, can I say that about a boy kitty? But he is! He goes WAY beyone "handsome."

What a little joy you have there!

leucanthemum b said...

I may be prejudiced, but I agree. I think he is a beauty.

He's also pretty smart! (But then, most cats are!)

Victor Tabbycat said...

Of course he's smart and lovely! He's a lot like me! :-)
Mom was tryin yoga with the cat afore Bonnie, but Scruffy would get furry, furry affectionate an rub an tickle Mom an make her fall! If she'd been doin back exercises, she'd haf had 10 pounds of kitty on her chest.